At Highway Traffic Management we have built up a team of dedicated, hard working staff. We have :

  • 75 trained operatives in Sector Scheme 12A, 12B, 12C and 12D with 100% having CSCS Cards
  • A 24 hour emergency standby and callout service
  • A team of 16 experienced office staff
  • Experienced and qualified design team
  • Management for our fleet of: impact protection, 7.5 ton and 3.5 ton traffic management vehicles
  • Full time health, safety, quality and environmental managers to maintain high standards

If you would like any further information, you can either send an email to or call the office 0121 326 9143 and speak to one of our experienced members of staff.

  • Keith Baldwin

    Managing Director

    My background - Since starting Highway Traffic Management back in 1995 with just a handful of people, it's taken nearly 20 years, but we now have the best management team and workforce in the industry.
    We continue to grow stronger and that allows me to do what I am good at, holidays, golf and entertaining clients.

    If I were a sign – I would describe myself as ‘no limits’.

  • Greg Baldwin

    Business Director

    My Background - I have been involved with HTM for as long as I can remember. Throughout studying I mainly working in the yard, as well as gaining TM experience working on the road and as part of the design team. In september 2015 I became Assistant HSEQ Manager making sure that all of our works are to the highest standards and are safe to protect the health of our workforce and the public.

    If I were a sign - I would be 'Low Flying Aircrafts' because I'm winging it...

  • Mark Greenfield

    Contracts Director

    My background - I’ve been working in the traffic management industry for some 25 + years, starting back in 1992 as a TM operative in and around the London area. I progressed through the ranks to foreman/supervisor level back in 1995. Since 1997 I have been in management, employed at HTM for 14 years, my role here is as a contracts director dealing with high speed contracts and some streetworks schemes.

    If I were a sign – I would describe myself as ‘a no U turn’ sign, (there's no going back).

  • Tracy Rogers

    Finance Director

    My background - I started with the company in 1989 with only five of us working here, not knowing at the time what I would be doing after leaving Lux Traffic Controls as a Depot Manager for 13 yrs. I soon discovered what my future role at HTM would be – Finance Manager covering all areas of the financial side of the company, including the pay roll too! In my free time I spend a lot of time travelling around with my love of football and passion for – Birmingham City Football Club. No comments please!

    If I were a sign – I have two children who have watched HTM grow over the years and their Mum getting grey and stressed over constant screams of suppliers chasing payment. This is why I would be the ‘sorry for any delay’ sign.

  • Marcus Casey

    Commercial Director

    My background - I started with the company in February 2001, I came to help out for a couple of weeks until I found myself a proper job (still looking!). Since I started, I have worked my way through the ranks from a traffic management operative, to operations manager and then onto a contracts manager. Once I was running low on business cards, so asked Keith Baldwin to get some more printed. When they came back, there seemed to be a mistake, my title had changed to contracts/marketing manager. I approached Keith, that’s when I found out I was the new marketing manager, I'm still trying to work out if that's a promotion or not!
    In 2016 I was promoted to become HTM's business development manager.

    If I were a sign – my sign would be, "no stopping" because in the world of traffic management, you don't get a chance to stop, the wheels keep turning 24/7.

  • Martyn Long

    Transport Manager

    My background – I have been working for HTM for close to 15 years which has seen me undertake various roles within the organisation, eventually finding my niche a number of years ago as Transport Manager. Currently I am looking after a very mixed fleet of HGV's and LGV's and the odd car here and there, as well as heavy involvement in designing, developing and building bespoke vehicles for the industry. Have you seen our low deck vehicle? We also have our own in-house mechanics and repair workshop which offers a 24/7, 365 days a year breakdown and recovery service. Alongside looking after our drivers inductions, training and legalities, it's a job I very much enjoy, with no two days ever being the same.

    If I were a sign – I would without doubt be "SLOW". People are far too intent on rushing about in their vehicles to save, but a few minutes! Hear me when I say; "It's not worth it!" Arrive at work/home safe, in one piece and stress free.

  • Andrew Booth

    Operations Manager

    My background - I have been at HTM for 13 and a half years and have worked in all aspects of the
    business – from working in the yard when I first arrived to running major schemes on the motorway.
    I now work in the office as an operations manager covering high speed and streetworks contracts.

    If I were a sign – I would be a special sign because my mum says i'm special.

  • Nathan Beetlestone

    Operations Manager

    My background – I have been at HTM for nearly nine years now and currently look after hires and purchasing. My other main responsibility is overseeing the team of five staff who keep the HTM yard operational.

    If I were a sign – My wife keeps reminding me that I am getting old and I'm 40 now, so it's got to be this sign for me!

  • Ross Simpson

    Operations Manager

    My background - I'm currently working as one of the companies operation managers overseeing our PFI resurfacing contract and street works, as well as working on numerous events, such as: Great Birmingham Run, Warwick Half Marathon and Cheltenham Half Marathon just to name a few. I've just made it to my 10th anniversary at the company, this October, hooray!

    If I were a sign – I would be a bear. The reasons are that I am often referred to as a bear due to my size, as well as behaviour and I am affectionately known as TTL (Tree Trunk Legs) by the MD and most of the other staff!

  • Mikee Booth

    Mikee Booth

    Operations Manager

    My background - I have been doing traffic management for over 14 years from road narrows to contraflows. My role at the minute is operations manager mainly on 12B works.

    If I were a sign – I would be a road narrows sign, because the older I get the more my belly protrudes.

  • Matus Fedorco

    Matus Fedorco

    Operations Manager

    My background – I have been at HTM since 2006. I started as a TM operative, then was promoted to streetworks supervisor and now I am currently working as operations manager looking after streetworks.

    If I were a sign – Everyone in the office knows how much I love my food :) All I can hear every day is STOP eating !!! So, if I were a road sign, this would be the best sign for me – STOP!

  • Matt Adkins

    Matt Adkins

    Planning Manager

    My background - I have been at HTM since 2009, starting out as a trainee traffic management operative and progressing to a street works / contract supervisor. I was asked to provide office cover as an operations manager for two weeks in November 2013 - I never left! At the beginning of 2014 I was promoted to planning manager. My role consists of the day to day planning of plant and labour, ensuring people with the right qualifications are in the right place at the right time.

    If I were a sign - I would be a roundabout. With constant changes I feel I am going around in circles the majority of the time.

  • Paulette Murphy


    My background - I have been with HTM since 2002 and am the first face that everyone sees when they come through the door. It’s really interesting – I seem to know everybody’s life stories and I get all the juicy gossip!

    If I were a sign – I get a real buzz from meeting people and helping direct them to the relevant person. For that reason, my sign would be ‘Pedestrians in Reception!’

  • Adam Hurl

    Operations Manager

    My background - I started at HTM back in 2010 as an operative working on the road, I quickly became a lead operative then onto a Streetworks Supervisor and then in January 2017 became an operations manager. I have been tasked with looking after our new southern depot.

    If I were a sign- I am at a time in life where everything is going perfect, having just got engaged and having promotion within weeks of each other and as life is moving in the right direction I would be a directional sign

  • Matt Higgs

    Executive Assistant

    My background- I recently joined HTM in April 2018 with the role of Executive Assistant. Some of my responsibilities so far have been mainly within the finance and HR side of the business but I am continuing to push into other areas such as Health and Safety.

    If I were a sign- I would be a "change lane" sign, as I have recently changed careers and moved into the Traffic Management industry.