HTM | FORS Bronze achievement showcases continuous improvement


HTM | FORS Bronze achievement showcases continuous improvement

Highway Traffic Management (HTM) established in 1995, is one of the most reliable and experienced temporary traffic management companies in the country.

HTM can now proudly announce that the company is now FORS approved. It’s a massive achievement for any company and HTM are very proud to have attained a FORS bronze membership.

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a voluntary accreditation scheme that promotes best practice for commercial vehicle operators.

FORS now has more than 8,600 members and is gaining recognition as the transport industry’s go-to accreditation scheme. It encompasses all aspects of environmental protection, safety and efficiency by both training and encouraging fleet operators to monitor, measure and improve performance.

At Highway Traffic Management, the company are dedicated to continual improvement, and in fact, all but a few of the processes and procedures that were required to fulfil the requirement of the FORS audit were already in place within HTM. The FORS is the official icing on the cake!


The processes and systems already in place at HTM were more than sufficient for them to gain the accreditation, with further inclusion focused on vulnerable road users.

Although gaining bronze certification for FORS is a great achievement the company are rightly proud of, HTM don’t want to stop there! Highway Traffic Management already have plans in place for the further adaptations to achieve firstly silver, and then ultimately the gold standard.

Safety is key to all that the team do at HTM and they’re extremely pleased to be a part of this recognition scheme to further improve safety features they implement to their ever-growing fleet of top-class vehicles.

Marcus Casey, HTM’s Business Development Manager told us:

“FORS recognition is really important to us. Firstly, because as much as we already had most of the accreditation requirements in place here, this recognition cements that a) internally we can be proud we have been doing the right things, and b) means that our clients know we are always striving to be better and are always practicing what we preach.

“Our team here have done a fantastic job and continue to do so daily. Awards and recognition like this for the company are a team effort and the culmination of great people pulling together for the benefit of everybody including ourselves, our clients and the users of road network.”


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