Traffic Management

We are able to offer our clients a complete traffic management service, that include:

High Speed Traffic Management (12A/12B)

At Highway Traffic Management we are capable of providing any aspects of traffic management, whether it is standard (Long duration) or relaxed (overnight) works, we can cater for all.

Working very closely over quite a number of years on various area’s across the country,

we have established a wide understanding of the motorway network both locally and nationwide.                                                DSC_6027

High Speed Traffic Management (12C)

12c VehicleWe are fully accredited to provide 12C MLC (mobile lane closures) on motorways and dual carriageways.

We have a large number of trained operatives and a fleet of dedicated 12C vehicles both truck mounted and trailers.

Streetworks Traffic Management (12D)

Streetworks Traffic Management (12D)We are one of the market experts when it comes to 12D street works traffic management on rural & urban roads.

We have worked the length and breadth of the country, providing streetworks traffic management to local authorities and anybody that has a need to work on the highway.

One of our great achievements is that we have been working alongside resurfacing companies and the local authority for the last 15 years to provide traffic management systems from manned road closures to a simple road narrows and anything in between for the resurfacing of approximately 70% of the roads in Birmingham.

Traffic Signals

Traffic SignalsWorking very closely with a traffic light provider, we can provide any number of traffic light units, from a simple 2 way to a multi-phase traffic light system with pedestrian crossing facilities.

Convoy Working

ConvoyConvoy systems are a great way of reducing the risk to workforce by slowing down and controlling the public traffic travelling alongside the site when the sideways safety clearance can’t be achieved.

We have done many convoy systems and have a large number of trained operatives to carry out this safe system of work for the protection of the workforce.


DiversionsBeing one of the safest forms of traffic management, road closure & diversions can create a large sterile working area.

Working closely with local authorities to design a diversion that best suits the travelling public to keep the local network moving a efficiently ass possible.

We have constantly working with our operatives to provide as much training as possible to work with the public such as conflict training, and are also trialling thing like body cameras.

Site barrier systems

BarriersWhether it is to provide barriers to protect the workforce, protect the site, guide traffic or pedestrians, we can cater all types of barriers:

  •  Crowd control barriersPedestrian barriers
  • Melba Blocks
  • 1 meter water containment barrier
  • 2 meter water containment barrier with fence panels
  • 3 Heras fencing
  • Vehicle / pedestrian gates
  • TVCB’s (Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers)
  • Vario guard for high speed works

I f we don’t have it, we’ll locate it.

Temporary road marking and studs

StudsWhether working on a motorway contra-flow or a car park, we can provide anything from major lining works, temporary road studs to amendments to a parking bay.

Working closely with industry experts, we will provide you with the service you require.

We can provide:

  • Temporary Road Markings:
  • Permanent Road Markings
  • Studs
  • Road Marking removals

Purpose Built Traffic Management Vehicles

Purpose Built Traffic Management VehiclesWe are proud to be a company that is promoting change.

It all started when we asked a truck provider to bring along a demonstration vehicle for us to look at.

When they arrived, they only had a standard panel van for us to look at as they ddidn’thave any flatbed vehicles at that time.

It was then that Keith Baldwin got into the back of the vehicle and had a eureka moment, and asked why we couldn’t have a vehicle with a bed this low.

We then purchased a chassis of the vehicle and worked with a body building company to produce a vehicle of which can not only have a greater payload than a standard 3.5t vehicle. But also has a reduced working height which brings down the risk from working at height and keeps the workforce as safe as possible.

Sign Manufacturing

Sign ManufacturingUsing the latest in Signwriting Software and material we produce standard and specialised signs from Event signs to High Speed Class 1 signs.

All manufacturing of signs is in house.

Event Management

  • Event Olympic TorchCoventry/Birmingham Half Marathon
  • Olympic Torch Relay
  • Carnival Shows
  • Festivals

Hire of TM Equipment

Equipment HireWe have fully stocked stores of all types of traffic management equipment that can cater for your needs.

We have:

  • No Parking Cones
  • 750mm Traffic cones
  • 1 meter Traffic cones
  • Pedestrian barriers
  • Traffic lights
  • Signs (Class 1 & 2)
  • Lamps
  • Sand Bags
  • Traffic Barriers

And many other items, if you need it, we can get it.

Hire of VMS Signs

VMS (Variable-Message-Sign)We can provide any types of variable message or speed restriction signage.

These can be used on any jobs from an event for advertising purposes or to a high speed job on a motorway to help reduce the speed of the travelling public.

24 Hour Emergency Callout

24 hour CalloutWe have a dedicated response team including a duty manager that is on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week to assist you with any urgent matters that you may have out of normal office hours.

We can also provide a 24 hour callout for any site maintenance that is required.


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